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COVID'19 -your welfare is of paramount importance to us, as is the welfare of staff on the Resort. We pay attention to all prescribed hygiene measures in all areas of our resort. We follow the guidelines of the health authorities to prevent the spread and transmission of the Coronavirus.

Guests will be requested to fill a Health disclaimer form at check-in. For children and minors, the form must be completed by a parent or legal guardian.

Please take note that our Guest Lounge and the public toilets are closed to the guests.

We trust our guests will follow their area guidelines and respect their restrictions, by not doing so, they are putting other guests and staff at risk.

TIER 3 GUIDELINES (Very high alert)

You can't stay overnight somewhere if it means you will be inside with people outside your household or support bubble

You're advised against overnight stays in other parts of the UK and people outside of these very high alert areas are advised not to stay in these areas. If you do stay overnight, it can only be with people in your household or support bubble and you're advised to stay within the very high alert level area.

TIER 2 GUIDELINES (High alert)

Journeys should be limited where possible, but you can still travel and use transport to go to the shops, work and hospitality venues that are open. You should still wear a face covering.
You can only stay overnight somewhere if it's with those in your household or support bubble.

TIER 1 GUIDELINES (Medium Alert)

There are no restrictions on travel or use of transport but you should still wear a face covering.

There are no restrictions on staying overnight somewhere other than your house. But you can only go away with those outside your household or support bubble in a group of up to 6.

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